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How do you secure a job as a waiter without any prior experience?

Mar 8

Working as a waiter in restaurants is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and earn some extra cash. It's not easy to secure a position in a restaurant if you don't have any previous experience as a waiter. You can still get an offer through the best restaurant job sites as a waiter, even though you have no previous experience.

Check out the restaurants you're looking to apply for. It is recommended to visit at least five restaurants, as the restaurant industry is extremely competitive. Ask your server questions about the experience and sample the food. You should pay attention to how they serve you at the table. You shouldn't pester them as they might have other customers. But, you could inquire regarding their experience working at the place. You can swap your e-mail and phone numbers if they're willing to exchange them. You may also ask questions if they can respond to your inquiries.


Your resume should be polished to showcase your greatest strengths. List your previous jobs in customer service, and highlight your ability to communicate with customers. Managers are looking for consistently courteous waiters to join their ranks. It is a good idea to record your education history. Sometimes, even restaurants won't employ anyone who doesn't possess an undergraduate degree.


It is best to apply for a position in a restaurant before peak times such as summer or Christmas. Restaurants are less likely to hire staff during these times. Timing is everything. To avoid being overly busy and to have a greater time with the general manager, plan to arrive at the restaurant at the end of the lunch shift.

Look your best and go to the dining establishment. Make sure your clothes are ironed and clean. If needed, ensure your hair and shoes are shaving. Smile and ask the host or hostess for help. Request the manager to see if he is available to speak to you in person even if he's not. Applications are often dropped off in restaurants. But they rarely ever read them. You must meet face-to-face with your boss.


Look at the manager's eyes and then shake his hands. You may mention to the manager that you had a conversation with an employee at the restaurant about their service. You can mention any positive remarks that the waiter may have regarding the restaurant. This will make both you and the waiter appear amazing, while you praise the restaurant. Then, you can ask for filling out an application. Be patient and complete it carefully. After you're done, you can send it along with your resume to the manager in charge. Smile and answer his questions professionally should he allow you to be interviewed. Make sure you ask when you can come back if he isn't in the office. Don't be rude however, you must make sure you follow up.


Be kind to all. Even if one person isn't a fan at first, it will eventually be passed to the manager in charge. Be courteous, polite, and smile. It's the same for the general manager and all who are at the restaurant. You will eventually get the job of an employee in the restaurant if you can make everyone desire to.


At home, weigh your glasses and dishes. After balancing several plates glasses, you can walk around your home. You must carry large quantities of food and drink throughout a bustling restaurant. It is something that you should be comfortable doing. You may also try opening wine bottles with a waiter's wine key to avoiding looking like a novice when you arrive at the restaurant.


You should learn the basics of math. This is an important skill because most restaurants today make use of computers. It's important to be able to do basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication in your head. This is an excellent method of saving time when managing tables.

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