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How transdermal patches (like the IontoPatch™) deliver pure NAD+

May 31

Everyone has the desire to reach his full potential. If you have access to the internet, you can see that different fitness gurus and blogs for lifehacks give new ideas to people so that their stamina, focus, and other aspects of the body can reach their greatest potential. 

Even though these life hacks are pretty helpful and effective, they are not making much of a difference in the daily life of people because of their ineffectiveness on a cellular level. If you analyze these life hacks closely, they are not more than simple remedies for your daily life issues. You need proper solutions to overcome your problems such as lack of sleep, tiredness, and poor diet. When a person gets older, the growing age also affects the body's performance. The person starts to have age-related diseases, and the body's energy continuously decreases. 

The IontoPatch™ patch uses very low electrical charges to deliver medication through the skin, a technique known as iontophoresis. That sounds scary, but don’t worry—there’s no pain involved!

Basically, the patch works similar to a magnet. Have you ever tried to put the like ends of a magnet together? If so, you’ll know they just push away from each other. That’s how the patch works, only it uses 2 electrodes instead of magnets. When you put the patch on your skin, you “activate” the patch and create a charge that pushes the medication into your skin. Through skin absorption, the medication will enter your bloodstream quicker (and bypasses the gut, where a lot can be lost).

Whether you’ve been taking NAD Injections or other NAD+ supplements for a while now, or you’re brand new to NAD+, you may be curious about the best ways to administer the IontoPatch™. Good news! We’re here to help share helpful information about it, so you can decide if it’s right for you.