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OSRS Agility Guide For Beginners

Sep 1

In this OSRS Agility guide, we will explore the history of Agility in RuneScape as well as what it offers you today. You'll learn why some players consider agility one of their favorite skills and how to level up your Agility skill quickly while having fun!

Leveling Agility In OSRS

Recruitment Drive is generally considered the easiest starting OSRS quest on a relatively new account and will give you 1,000 experience. It’s also an option to do The Grand Tree for a huge amount of experience if not intimidated by the Black Demon fight at its end.

The Draynor Village Agility Course is perfect for beginner adventurers looking to earn some Marks of Grace quickly because there are multiple obstacles that don't require much in terms of skill or experience level- just determination and patience.

The Al Kharid course is a great way to spend your time when you're in the mood for some exhilarating activity. The course starts right at the General Store and involves scaling various familiar buildings around town, including jumping over gaps or balancing on narrow ledges while crossing clotheslines! Once you've completed this tricky agility course with many obstacles, you'll earn a lot of Marks of Grace.

The Canafis Agility Course is considered to be the best means of obtaining Marks of Grace and many players end up finishing their Graceful sets using this course. You will experience a slight upgrade in your per hour rate at around 15,000 but it's still not as fast-paced or high energy as other courses can get.

The Pollnivneach course is totally optional and only really worth it if you don’t have the Kandarin diary completed or you just want a brief change in scenery. Located deep within the desert, this course offers a welcome break from traditional courses.

While the Ardougne Rooftop Course is not the fastest way to level up, it’s one of the most relaxed courses in-game. It consists of just hopping around houses surrounding the market with 793 experience per finished lap. The bank and low failure rate make this ideal for players who don't want a challenging quest but rather an easy relaxing journey through RuneScape's largest town.

Recommended OSRS Quests For Agility Training

  • The Grand Tree: 7,900 EXP
  • Troll Romance: 8,000 EXP
  • Making Friends With My Arm: 10,000 EXP
  • The Depths of Despair: 1,500 EXP
  • The Fremmenik Trials: 2,812 EXP
  • Grim Tales: 6,000 EXP
  • Cabin Fever: 7,000 EXP
  • Darkness of Hallowvale: 7,000 EXP
  • The Underground Pass: 2,812 EXP
  • Icthlarin's Little Helper: 4,000 EXP
  • Cold War: 5,000 EXP
  • Royal Trouble: 5,000 EXP
  • Recipe For Disaster: 10,000 EXP
  • Regicide: 13,750 EXP
  • Mournings End Part 2: 20,000 EXP
  • Monkey Madness 2: 20,000 EXP
  • Song of the Elves: 20,000 EXP
  • Dragon Slayer II: 15,000 EXP