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Understanding The RuneScape Economy

Sep 25

While MMORPGs are often based on fantasy worlds and set in stone, Old School RuneScape takes a different approach by allowing players to create their own economy. This allows them more opportunities than other games where OSRS gold can be obtained through skilling or purchased with real-life currency. In this guide, you'll learn about the nuances that drive pricing and how the RuneScape economy runs.

What Currency Is Used In Old School RuneScape?

RuneScape gold coins are the lifeblood of RuneScape, with players using them for everything from buying items at stores to trading between themselves. Gold can be generated in various ways like monster kills or high-level alchemy.

The in-game currency of RuneScape, OSRS gold is devalued over time as more becomes available. Jagex has implemented a tax to the Duel Arena and added other activities that cost money so they can combat inflation through various means.

What Is The OSRS Grand Exchange?

The most significant update to the OSRS economy is the addition of Grand Exchange, which has added an incredible amount of convenience in connecting buyers and sellers.

The Grand Exchange is like an auction house in other MMORPGs. In instances where direct trading can be helpful, such as buying items beyond GE limits or trading high-ticket goods.

Merchanting in the game has mostly evolved into item flipping, which is a practice of buying low and selling high. Due to its convenience as well as being easy-to-trade for profit margins are quite tight when you do this type of work productively--you'll need large amounts of capital at your disposal before making any decent money off it.

The Grand Exchange has made it easier than ever to make money in OldSchool by making arbitrage a viable option. This usually entails buying items from certain shops and selling them on the high margin exchange, with remote or hard-to-reach items being more expensive due to both demands for these necessities as well as how far away they are from players looking for them.

The GE has also enabled the consolidation of prices for both highly-traded goods and made otherwise sparsely traded items more popular.

Supply And Demand In OSRS Economy

The price of an item in OSRS is determined by demand and supply. If there's a shortage, the cost will go up; if Jagex releases updates that make items easier to obtain, then their value plummets as well!

Some items are stuck in a state of equilibrium where demand barely changes yet prices remain stable. One example might be basic OSRS items like logs or fish, which players will regularly put up for sale at the median market price without much fluctuation either way.

If you want to make your rare items more valuable, don't forget that they will appreciate over time. Plus cosmetic gear with plenty of demand can be even more lucrative in the long run!